Forgiveness has been on my mind a lot lately. I have friends that are living forms of forgiveness and I have friends that see it as weakness. I border between because I know how freeing of a feeling of forgiveness is, but I also feel like it's giving a win over to someone that doesn't deserve it. Then I realized it is indeed more for me than them! Holding yourself hostage for something someone else has done intentionally or unintentionally is just foolish and unfair to you. Take the time you need to grieve a situation, forgive whomever needs to be forgiven, pray/meditate/speak over your new life without it, and move forward with a better experience. If there's a situation that was out of your control that still burdens you then don't hold yourself alone accountable, forgive yourself. If there was a situation that was fully controllable by you then dig deep, because those are harder, and still forgive yourself for not being in a space or mindset that was ready or developed enough to do what was needed, and take the wisdom as a lesson for you in the future. Now I'm not saying you have to let just anyone come back into your life after the failed experience you had, but I am saying free them and free yourself from that dead situation mainly because life isn't dwelling on it and you shouldn't either. Hold your head up, straighten your back, put on a smile and GLIDE with the grace that God has granted along with the grace you've given yourself. Write a letter of forgiveness to yourself for past and present instances you both didn't know who you were and forgot who you were, read it aloud, then burn it to ash my little phoenixes! Now congratulations! You are now free to go on in happiness and peace within. Forgiveness will open a way for self love and love for others that nobody will ever be able to bend or break. God forgives, the Divine forgives, so I too can forgive ❤️  


Blog written by ELIZA 

inspired by Wambui Kinuthia