Black Love:
The importance of Black Love. Now when I speak of Black Love I don't just mean romantic love, I mean love as a whole. Loving each other in healthy healing ways is important and I feel Black Love is one of the strongest loves ever. Think of the person that loves you the most and how it makes you feel, then think about whom you love the most. That unconditional safe love that encourages you to be better in life because you feel like you have a very important reason to. Black Love is what can bring our community, family, people and purpose back as one. The love of a grandmother that protected you through prayers. The love of a grandfather that taught you how to sustain. The love of a mother that comforted and endured just to see you through the rough times. The love of a father that provided and gave you his wisdom so that the world didn't seem so impossible to conquer. The love of siblings that reminded you that you were never truly alone in your battles. The love of family that uplifted you in your darkest hours and allowed you peace and fun while doing it. There needs to be a place where people that didn't or don't have that can and will. That place is inside of Black Love that we can share. It can remedy most bad feelings and fear. It can build future generations. It will change the jagged mindsets of the hurt confused and abused. We are love without the understanding needed so feed that neighbor, listen to those children, hug those parents, visit those elders, support those businesses, spread that wisdom and unite those at odds. Speak up for Black Love as you learn and teach it daily ✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿🖤🤎 

Blog written by Eliza